Acne Laser Treatment

  • Posted on August 31, 2010 at 5:36 pm

Acne is a condition which primarily affects adolescents and young adults at a time when self esteem is fragile and can have negative affects on relationships within school, peer groups and work affiliations. Often times the battle to clear it up is a slow process, sometimes with minimal results.

Acne laser treatment offers an alternative solution to a severe, difficult or slow responding condition. Initial stages of this treatment show promising results. Many people report a 37 % reduction in their acne after their first treatment, an 85 % reduction after 3 visits and almost totally cleared within 4 to 5 treatments.

There are 2 kinds of laser treatments available, diode laser and pulsed dye laser. The former of these 2 options has provided the best results so far, but many people have reported success with the latter option as well.

acne laser treatmentThere are relatively few side effects to laser treatment for acne. As there is some discomfort involved, a topical is applied prior to the treatment to minimize this. There is sometimes a bit of redness and swelling reported post treatment, but this is temporary and disappears quickly.

Acne laser treatment targets the affected area in any one of 3 primary ways: burning away the follicle sac where the hair grows, burning away the sebaceous gland where the oil is produced, or creating oxygen within the bacteria thus killing it.

Laser acne treatment is also proving to be more effective than creams and topical applications, and with fewer health risks than conventional antibiotic treatments prescribed by doctors today which sometimes are so strong they include side effects over time.

Acne generally disappears in one’s early twenties, but if an individual has suffered a particularly severe case, there could be sufficient damage in scarred tissue left behind which this person will have to live with permanently. Acne laser treatment however is proving effective in removing these scars with little pain. Previously the only options for this were dermabrasion (sanding the skin) and harsh chemical peels. There are downsides to this aspect of laser treatment and varying results reported. Some people claimed expense, pain and recovery period as reasons for not recommending it. However many people rave about the results, seeing the recovery time as short compared to that of other methods such as dermabrasion and chemical peels. And when you consider living a lifetime with permanent scarring, this seems like a small price to pay.

When deciding to have acne laser treatment you should weight the benefits as well as the cons for your own personal choice. Consider cost, effectiveness, recovery time, procedure duration and side effects when weighing your options. Most acne laser procedures last less than an hour and often people use their breaks from daily work or school to have it done and then return to work. Effectiveness is varying, however most people report success within a few treatments. Recovery time, as stated, is less than more conventional procedures and treatments and there are relatively few side effects. There is minimal pain associated with the procedure. So cost may be the most questionable factor to consider, but if you factor in the long term costs of other acne treatments, it may not seem like a bad overall option. A recommended solution if your acne is not too severe would to try home remedies for acne which include many easy to try solutions and also a healthy diet where you had many important vitamins for your skin such as vitamin A.

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