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  • Posted on March 3, 2011 at 11:54 pm

If you are one of tens of thousands of men and women living with acne then this Acne No More review may be of interest to you. The author of Acne No More, certified nutritionist Mike Walden, approaches the problems with acne by eliminating the internal causes of acne. His approach supports the belief that healing begins on the inside of the body. Our Acne No More review will take a balanced look at the treatment method, its claims as well as the pros and cons of this holistic acne treatment.

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Treatment Overview


acne no more reviewAcne No More promises to holistically cure acne by addressing issues such as diet, cleansing and life style. The core treatment of the eight week plan starts by having users who are trying to attain Acne No More review their eating habits and make changes in their diets. The programs consists of fasting, internal flushing such as kidney and liver cleansing in addition to healthy eating.


Why the Treatment Works


The treatment is advertised as being equally effective for men and women in all age groups. According to the author, the treatment is more successful than other acne treatments for several reasons which include:

  • Other treatments provide only temporary fixes for skin conditions including acne.
  • Acne No More focuses on relieving symptoms of acne suffers  in order to improve the quality of life both physically and emotionally.
  • Acne No More addresses the underlying causes of acne, including excessive sebum. Research provided to us for this Acne No More review defined sebum as an oily substance that is naturally secreted by the body to prevent skin and hair from drying out. Too much sebum can cause oiliness that can clog pores in the skin.




The results are achieved without the use of chemical acne treatments or drugs. The author asserts that the program’s success is based on proven results experienced by past and present customers. This Acne No More review will ascertain whether the treatment meets certain claims that include:

  • Elimination of blackheads and pimples from all areas of the body including face, back and the chest.
  • Drying up the excessive oiliness that leads to acne and sebaceous cysts.
  • Vastly improve redness of the skin.
  • A system of proven methods that are easy to follow.
  • Our Acne No More review also uncovered claims that the program stops breakouts within a week and acne can be completely cured within two months.


People with bad acne not only have physical symptoms but their entire mental and emotional outlook can be affected. These results that were claimed in the Acne No More reviews are said to give greater self esteem and confidence to its users; improving the quality of their lives.


Treatment Plan


The first step in the treatment is to follow a daily cleansing regimen that includes steaming the pores to open them. The next step in the process is cleaning the skin with a natural soap that fights acne and then treating the blackheads and pimples. At this point in the Acne No More review we must mention that Mike Walden does sell a paste that can be used to exfoliate the skin, which is the next step in the cleansing process followed by moisturizer.


The complete plan also includes a nutrition and detoxification regimen that must be followed in order to achieve complete success. Among other components of the plan is a juice cleansing which expels toxins that have accumulated in the body. The details of the juice cleansing teaches ways that it can be used to give the digestive system time to restore itself while it provides needed nutrients to the body. The purchase of the treatment includes Mike Walden’s secrets to external skin care and a comprehensive meal and vitamin plan that helps  address the internal causes of acne.


Acne No More Review Feedback


To provide balance in this Acne No More review we will include both the positives and negatives of the acne treatment. Among the positive aspects of the Acne No More are the following:

  • The videos that demonstrate how to use the products are very helpful.
  • The treatment not only clears acne but restores the youthful texture back to the skin.
  • The plan successfully treats people who have had suffered with acne for several decades.
  • Our Acne No More review found that the treatment can provide fast results if used correctly.
  • Works on the skin types of all ethnicities.
  • Most of the food that is allowed is easy to find or already in the average kitchen cabinet.
  • Costs less than ongoing dermatologist treatments.


While the treatment has many benefits, there are also some negatives that relate to its performance and the information included in the book. These include:

  • The plan provides no flexibility and is too strict. It is impractical for people who dine out on occasion for business or personal reasons.
  • The Acne No More review found the 220 page book disorganized and hard to follow. Ingredients for the menus are dispersed throughout the book in different sections, making it hard to compile a food list to take to the supermarket.
  • The advertising does not make it clear that the plan is not a permanent solution unless the diet and lifestyle changes are consistently maintained after completing the program.


Link to Order Acne No More


The treatment is immediately available by download in PDF Format. The cost of the book is $39.95 with bonuses that include three months of mentoring support from Mike Walden. The package can be upgraded to a deluxe edition for an additional $10.00. The upgrade includes a collection of the Acne No More review of the entire treatment plan in DVD format. Payments are processed through the secure server of digital retailer Clickbank.

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  1. Carmel says:

    I came across the acne no more website by accident. Being an acne sufferer, I wanted to buy it. However, I’m no fool so I do what I always do and that is to surf the web for “real” reviews. The ones on the page look so phony. Amazingly, after searching the web for less than ten minutes, I am finding it impossible to find an authentic review of acne no more. Most of the web sites have a name similar to acne no more, just a website dedicated to reviewing acne no more, all the “negative” reviews are sugarcoated and every website has a link to buy the ebook. This whole system just reeks of a scam to me. Even the acne no more webpage is set up like the infamous informercials that we have come to love so much. First they bombard you with all this information to grab your attention. I do appreciate how he appeals to our emotions by sharing that he too was once an acne suffer too. Oh wow, someone just like me! Wow, I should trust this guy and buy his book. I also love the traditional “Buy this product now for limited low price! Buy it now before the produce increases to 4x the amount!” bit. Okay seriously, I will admit I do like his concept of curing acne naturally which is what caught my attention. I also believe that acne is your body’s attempt to warn you that you need to get your ish together. I just wanted some unbiased reviews. So off to the web I go! Maybe if I encounter some “real” reviews (good or bad) I will consider buying this product. In the meantime, for those curious about buying the acne no more book, I would say if it quacks like a duck and acts like a duck well then it must be a duck!

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