Acne Scar Removal Cream

  • Posted on December 30, 2010 at 12:44 am

Acne is a common affliction of millions of people, most often adolescents who are at their social peak in life, and a severe case can not only affect the way they view themselves within their peer groups, but can have lasting life long negative effects with physical and emotional scarring.

A good solution that is often promoted everywhere for acne scar removal are creams. Their effects are meant to smooth out the lines of the scarring and add volume to the pitted areas, much the same as collagen injections might do but without the invasive procedure. Ingredients often used are chemicals such as Benzoyl Peroxide, alcohol, sulphur, and other products like silicone gels, vitamins, botanical extracts such as aloe vera and other natural remedies. Some creams have the same affects as dermabrasion treatments, using Alpha Hydroxy acids to slough off the top layer of the skin.

acne scar removal creamOne such cream is called Zenmed, an acne scar removal cream that has been successful for many people. It is a 2 step process designed to exfoliate the skin and then lighten the dark effects of scarring, leaving the appearances of much smoother and evenly toned skin.  With the use of alpha and beta hydroxy acids, the cream is meant to treat acne, heal scarring by reducing discolouration and to prevent further outbreaks. It exfoliates the dead skin which traps the sebum, preventing pimples from happening to begin with.  Zenmed also provides an all natural ingredient oral capsule meant to help with elimination of toxins from your body. So Zenmed  is a complete treatment package for your acne and acne scars.

Dealing with the physical scarring left behind can be difficult, but there are things you can do to lessen the appearances and sometimes even get rid of acne scars completely. Treatments for acne scarring range from home remedies for acne scars to surgical procedures which have a wide range in price from very low costs of products already in your home, to very expensive laser treatments and dermabrasions. However a Zenmend acne scar removal cream (or other good brands that you want to try out with a moneyback guarantee) can definitely work for most as a mid range acne scar remedy option in terms of cost.

You may have tried home remedies and other acne scar creams with no success, but before you resort to expensive and often painful and slow healing surgical methods and dermabrasions, you should not exhaust your options of creams. Often a cream that will work well for one person has no affect at all on another. Read, research and ask, then pick the one you think will work for your kind of skin and condition. A benefit of buying creams online instead of at your local store is many of them will have moneyback guarantees in order to encourage consumers to try out their acne scar cream brand over another. Take advantage of this while finding out which one works well for you! Most creams may be a little more expensive than a home remedy, however they usually will work better and are a lot less expensive than the surgical solutions!

Make sure to share your experiences with any acne scar removal creams you might have tried below! Zenmed has worked for me, did another acne scar cream brand work for you? Let me and the other visitors know!

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  1. James says:


    This cream seems to be a good option for those who are having acne scarring. But will it work good for deeper kind of scarring like icepick scars?

    Those scarring are too deep to be filled out with topical products. So, if you have deep scarring then this type of topical products may not be that helpful.

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