Does Proactive Work?

  • Posted on April 29, 2011 at 12:27 am

Are you one of thousands of people who have asked does Proactive work as promised in the company’s advertising? Proactive, known as Proactiv Solution, is a very popular acne treatment that promises to get rid of acne. For many consumers the question is does proactiv work for both genders in all age groups and skin types. Also, can it answer how to get rid of blackheads or is it only useful for certain types of acne?


How Does Proactive Work?


The acne treatment works by using a three step system that should result in getting rid of pimples fast and acne in general. The first step is a medicated cleanser that is used to renew the skin using a formula containing micro crystal benzoyl peroxide to kill bacteria. The cleanser is infused with beads to remove dead skin cells. The second step is an alcohol free toner to clean the pores and step three is a skin repair solution. The system is to be used twice daily for the best results. Consumers who buy the system are enrolled in a membership that gives them access to new products, discounts and skin care support. But does Proactive really work using this three step process?


Positive Consumers Opinions on Proactive


According to the company’s website, thousands of customers have answered in the affirmative to the question does Proactive work. Testimonials about the product’s effectiveness include both men and women of all ages with a wide variety of skin tones. Many consumers immediately felt a difference in the texture of their skin, reporting that their skin was smoother and softer right after using the treatment and that their acne problems cleared up completely in a very short time.


Celebrity Endorsements


Many celebrities are spokespersons for Proactiv acne treatment. Celebrities like Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne and now Justin Bieber openly answer yes to the question does Proactive work in commercials and interviews. Many of these celebrities used the product personally before they became spokespersons. They speak openly and honestly about the painful affects that their acne had caused in their lives and how they gained more confidence from the clear skin they achieved using Proactiv.


Does Proactive Work for Everyone?


Not all consumers answer yes to the question, does Proactive work. Consumers who disagree with its effectiveness state several reasons including:


-          A few customers answered no to the question of does Proactive really work stating that the product caused adverse skin reactions such as dry, cracked skin and rash.

-          Customers in certain geographical regions, such as the Jamaican islands, claimed that the acne system was ineffective due to the climate.

-          Some consumers that were not satisfied with the product claimed that getting a refund was difficult.


How Does Proactiv Work When Compared to Similar Products?


Although therdoes proactive worke are a large number of people who have seen positive results using Proactiv, some believe that it is no more effective than other, less expensive acne treatment products. These answer the does Proactive work question by stating that it may work, but you can find many other acne treatments that work as well. Such products include Clear Skin Max, Dermagist, Exposed Skin Care and other brands. Most of these brands use the same ingredient, benzoyl peroxide that is used in Proactiv acne treatment systems.

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