Homeopathic Acne Treatment

  • Posted on October 20, 2010 at 4:16 pm

Homeopathic acne treatment takes a holistic approach to treating this skin condition. Delving into the causes of the acne may lead to a better understanding of how to prevent or cure it. Treating just the acne itself is only a superficial remedy. If you can get to the root of the problem and treat the condition based on other factors, there’s a better chance of eradicating the acne altogether.

Poor diet, poor hygiene, stress, hormones, medications, medical conditions and other factors either all or partially contribute to acne. Treating only the acne itself, or only one factor will only be a temporary remedy. Homeopathic acne treatment takes the bigger picture into consideration when treating your acne and attempts to force your body to utilize its own healing powers from within.

Homeopathic therapists divide their evaluations into different categories: medical history; build, stature, stamina and physical condition; mental and emotional make up such as tendencies to anxiety or irritability; and the actual characteristics of the acne, predisposition and susceptibility. Other factors taken into consideration when formulating a treatment plan are sleep patterns, likes and dislikes, hobbies, situational circumstances and an overall picture of lifestyle.

Once a complete comprehensive evaluation has been done, your scenario will be matched with one of numerous treatment plans and may include one of a list of medications such as sulphur, sanguinaria, belladonna, hepar sulphur, graphites, arsenicum iodatum and many more.

Do not expect this to be a solution tohow to get rid of acne overnight. However, the lower chances of side effects and the benefits for long term skin health are definitely something to make an Homeopathic treatment a possible solution. It combines a change in lifestyle to try to reduce precipitating factors with medications, if indicated, to help the healing from the inside. Along with a medication specifically suited to your unique condition, homeopathic acne treatment includes a total skin care regiment with proper techniques for cleaning the affected areas. Other skin care tips you will learn are: choosing proper cosmetics for your skin type; proper shaving methods; choosing the proper over-the-counter acne lotions; what to avoid in hygiene products; and skin care in the sun.

Diet could be a contributing factor in your acne and the homeopathic acne treatment may include a partial or complete diet change. Learning how to manage stress in a more productive manner may also be a part of this plan.

As you can see, the homeopathic acne treatment is tailored to fit each individual and requires dedication and time. Eventually you will see the improvements and if you adhere to this regiment could very well be permanent and a new you will emerge.

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