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  • Posted on May 31, 2011 at 3:04 am

There are a wide range of opinions in Mederma reviews. Mederma is the brand name of a skin product that is advertised as a dermatologist tested and physician recommended treatment for stretch marks and scars from injury, surgery or acne. While their advertising focuses on numerous success stories, Mederma reviews for acne scars include people who had no success with the product as well as satisfied customers.

Mederma Reviews for Acne Scars

The company appeals to the emotional side of living with scars that result from injury or acne. Among the Mederma reviews regarding acne scars are several positive statements about how the product clears up acne scars to eliminate the use of makeup to hide acne scars. Among the pros listed were that Mederma worked very quickly and that results were seen in as little as a few days to three weeks. Positives also included that the product had a nice smell, softened scabs from picking acne and reduced redness very quickly while fading the scar.

Some of the negative Mederma reviews from people with acne scars included the inconvenience of having to apply it 3 to 4 times a day. Other cons were that the product did not work as quickly as promised and it caused severe itching to the skin. Some people claimed that the product made their acne worse.

Mederma Reviews for Stretch Marks

Mederma ReviewsMederma carries a line of products known as stretch mark therapy. They advertise that is formulated specifically to reduce discoloration and texture of stretch marks which shrinks the appearance. It is also claimed that it softens the skin. The company advertises that noticeable results occur within 12 weeks. Positive Mederma reviews about the treatment of stretch marks included:

• Skin color returning to normal
• Relieved itching
• Smoothed out the stretch marks so they were not as deep by thickening the skin
• Results in as little as one month

But not all women who used the product were as happy with the results. Among the negative comments in Mederma reviews were:

• The product was expensive compared to similar stretch mark creams.
• Too much of the cream has to be rubbed in the skin
• Product didn’t work to prevent stretch marks (although the company does not make this claim)
• Not effective on older stretch marks

Injury and Surgery Scars

Mederma reviews were mixed when came to how effective it is at treating scars resulting from injury or surgery. The pros and cons of the product largely depended on the type of scar, how old the scar was, age of the consumer and the skin type. Examples of the pros include:

• Product faded an old facial scar resulting from a childhood accident
• Worked well on scars from tattoos and piercing that were removed
• Smoothed scars from stitches resulting from a dog bite
• Softened the skin
• Dries clear and is not greasy
• Reasonably priced

Although the manufacturer does state that their product can help scars but not make them completely disappear, some of the less complementary Mederma reviews included the following comments:

• Caused skin problems such as peeling skin and skin irritation
• Neither improved nor made condition worse; waste of money
• Expensive compared to cocoa butter and Vitamin E; which has the same effectiveness
• Did not work on burn scars or keloids.

Mederma reviews contain the experiences of people from diverse backgrounds, health and geographical regions. There have been no reports that the product has caused serious medical conditions or reactions.

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