Teenage Anti Acne Diet

  • Posted on December 22, 2010 at 4:08 pm

In teenagers it’s the adolescence changes that cause them to have pimples, acne and other skin issues. Teen acne is not something to worry about because with some proper remedies they will be in control easily. Apart from home remedies for acne, over the counter prescription drugs, medications and antibiotic treatments, teens also have to maintain control over their diet. Junk food which is the favorite of most teens is largely responsible for the acne flare ups. This is because junk food contains oily substances that further aggravate the situation. Acne occurs because excessive oils present in the skin layer and consuming junk food adds to the oil. Therefore teens have to be very careful about their daily diet.

Cold drinks, frizzy drinks are also not recommended as they too have high sugar substances that creates acne. Teens are encouraged to have a diet largely consisting of vegetables and fruits. Vegetables such as carrots, cucumber and other greens are always very healthy for acne treatment. The more natural foods a teen consumes, the more ability he has to deal with acne problems.

Dermatologists often recommend a teen diet of white bread, cereals, and other dry chips or biscuits. Other than that a high protein diet consisting of eggs, bananas and milk is also recommended for a health teen anti-acne diet.

Though we cannot safely presume which vegetable or fruit can effectively deal with this general skin problem, it can be said that a combination of these vegetables can give a person healthy looking skin. Intake of water is also a strict requirement. Water helps to remove toxins from the body, thus keeping the skin feel alive and fresh. Green tea is also another great choice for teen anti acne diet. Green tea or Gingseng tea is also known to be a good fighter against skin related problems.

When you get acne, be sure you avoid as much oily foods as possible and strive to have something natural and organic, no matter how weird they taste!

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